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Manifesting Money

& Abundance

Group Programme

Did you know the connection between your own self worth and your financial success is huge! The way you feel about yourself directly impacts the relationship you have with money.

Join the Group Programme to move away from struggle and make a huge positive impact in this world and open up to financial abundance which is your birthright.

Manifesting Abundance

VIP 121 Programme

Ignite your inner power and unleash your true potential once and for all in this 12 week programme designed to take you through my Signature ABUNDANCE Programme.

Taking a holistic approach to all areas of your life, including MONEY, career, business, relationship, health, spirituality & your overall wellbeing.

You’ll gain empowerment, elevate your confidence, amplify your full financial potential and self worth to start building an abundant legacy, create the time freedom to manifest a successful and fulfilling life by design.

 Intuitive Energy Healing

Experience a life of Infinite Possibilities, where effortless manifestation and unwavering confidence are your daily norm. Unearth and dissolve the very root causes of your energy blocks, childhood programming, doubts and inner fears. 

Transcend past traumas and limitations, emerging with a newfound sense of purpose and empowerment. Embrace your role in healing ancestral ties and creating an extraordinary legacy for generations to come. 

It all begins with you. This journey is truly PRICELESS!

Suit Your Soul

Power Hour

Focusing on any one area in your life from an emotional, mental, physical or spiritual perspective where we work through the way forward, providing practical solutions, mindset techniques, support and accountability.

Your session is completely intuitively led with what your soul needs, requires and

desires at that time.

Sidereal Astrology

Open yourself up to a transformative journey of self- discovery which highlights the very essence of your existence. Are you curious about your life's purpose, career or business path, financial abundance, health, relationships or past experiences and how they are shaping your present and future?

We delve deep into this by decoding your unique cosmic blueprint. You'll discover the secrets hidden in the stars, gain insight into your past life karma, and uncover the lessons meant for this lifetime. Your destiny awaits, and the answers lie within the cosmos. Don't miss this opportunity to align with your true self and unlock the universe's wisdom that's meant just for you!

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