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Energy Healing Package

Your Healing Journey is the Gateway to a Lifetime of Abundance

The Intuitive Energy Healing work I do with my clients helps on a very deep subconscious level, aiming to work on releasing limiting beliefs, inner child issues, negative emotions, trauma, dis-ease, repeated patterns and fears, doubts or concerns that you may have in any area of your life.

The healing aims to get to the root causes of these issues by going deep into the Theta Brainwave to access the subconscious mind. These issues could have been formed from your past childhood, even before conception, going into past lives or through your DNA and ancestral chain as well as the soul level.

Throughout your session(s), we go deep to access the root causes which are then removed and replaced with empowering and positive beliefs.

We would begin this healing package with:

  • Range Range of Theta Healing, Time Line Therapy, NLP Techniques as well as my Psychic Mediumship Channelling Abilities are used so you experience a very deep healing transformation on all levels including emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • All sessions are conducted via video call and all you need to do is keep hydrated so drink lots of water before and during each session.

  • A Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart Reading can also be used to provide you with your life’s blueprint, giving you deeper insights into your life path and future direction. This will give you the ability to know your true self, unique personality characteristics, personality strengths and weaknesses and provide clarity on specific areas in your life such as career/business, financial, relationship/love, home/location, spirituality/personal growth and also health/wellness. Aspects can be uncovered which may also need to be healed. 

  • The depth of this work and your healing transformation is PRICELESS!

    As an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Healer Master Teacher in both Traditional USUI Reiki and Angelic Reiki, Natural Psychic Medium and a Sidereal Astrologist, I will also use NLP techniques, my intuition as well as hypnosis and time line therapy throughout each session.

    I have over 18 years experience and I love the work that I do in helping to serve my clients to achieve the best possible results.

    ► How can this Intuitive Energy Healing Package Help Me?

    There are so many benefits Theta Healing can help you with in all areas of your life including emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and psychological aspects: 

    ♥ Releasing negative patterns, personal limitations, doubts and fears in your life
    ♥ Skyrocketing your Self Love, Self Belief, Self Worth, Self Esteem & Confidence levels
    ♥ Inner child healing, identifying, releasing, healing on this deep level
    ♥ Past life trauma, recurring patterns in this lifetime due to contracts, vows and curses still activated in this lifetime
    ♥ DNA Ancestral Chain Healing, affecting all generational timelines in the past and future lifetimes and generations.   
    ♥ Soul level cleansing and healing so you can clearly identify your true soul purpose in this lifetime
    ♥ Getting over heart-break or pain relating to absent loved ones/family members
    ♥ Understanding the true core root level of health problems including emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health issues 
    ♥ Attracting your most compatible soul mate and identifying and healing any recurring negative relationship patterns, the pain and trauma
    ♥ Improving and forming a deeper understanding in relationships with your partner, family members & others 
    ♥ Clearing blocks relating to your creativity, motivation and lack of confidence
    ♥ Enhancing your abilities and capabilities within your career & releasing any “stuck” feelings, limiting beliefs such as “unworthiness” and “not good enough” 
    ♥ Opening you up to receiving Unlimited Financial Abundance by healing your timeline in relation to your money blocks
    ♥ Knowing what it feels like to have a healthy home and family’s love & support 
    ♥ Discovering your true life purpose, future direction and soul’s mission

    All these areas and many more can be worked on in your session at a rapid pace, clearing any unlimiting beliefs that really aren’t serving you at the deeply rooted subconscious level, even those you may have had as early as childhood, through your DNA ancestral chain, past lives and even on a soul level. 

    Positive, beneficial and empowering beliefs will then be downloaded and embedded with your permission into your subconscious using this meditative theta healing technique. 


    You will be on your pathway to true inspiration & enlightenment

    ► How Many Sessions Will I need?

    A lot of work can be covered in a short amount of time with ThetaHealing®. 

    The number of sessions needed will vary from person to person depending on what they want to accomplish & the depth of the healing required.

    Many clients will experience a shift within one session. However, sometimes the belief systems around the issue are more complex and need deeper belief work to be completed over a few sessions to achieve their desired change. 

    To determine how many sessions you will need ahead of time would really depend on the negative subconscious belief systems attached to your issue and how fast they reprogram into positive and empowering ones. 

    ► Preparing For My Healing Session

    Drink plenty of water. It is important to be fully hydrated as this will allow your muscle testing to be clear and strong.See below for Muscle Testing information.

    For Amazing Positive Transformational Change…

    Coming into a session with anattitude and intention of wanting positive change and being ready for positive change is also important. It’s importantto be clear on what issue(s) you want to work on during the session and if you have an idea of how your issue is serving you or what you’re learning as a result of the issue. This will rapidly accelerate the pace of your session so a lot more can be covered within your session time. 

    As your intuitive healing practitioner, this will be fully discussed beforehand with you prior to any booked sessions. 

    ► Muscle Energy Testing

    What is Muscle Energy Testing and how is this used in ThetaHealing®?

    Muscle energy testing is the technique used in ThetaHealing®. It enables the mind-body connection effectively and is an accurate detection of subconscious beliefs. It enables you to establish physical communication with your subconscious. This is your entire being and even your soul - all experiences, emotions, beliefs and memories stored within you that have its own electromagnetic field that controls various functions of your body, including muscle movement. 

    Asking your body questions in the form of statements will provide a good indication of what is true or false in your subconscious. If your name is Natasha and you state, “My name is Natasha,” this will resonate as true within your subconscious. Your electromagnetic field will then send a positive frequency around your body and your muscles will subsequently strengthen. Alternatively, if you state, "My name is Davina," this will resonate as false within your subconscious. Your electromagnetic field will send a negative frequency around your body and your muscles will subsequently weaken. 

    The two most common methods of muscle testing in ThetaHealing® can be found below. Before you start energy testing, you need to drink plenty of water as dehydration will result in your body not giving you accurate results. 

    Finger Testing:

    1) Make a circle with your thumb and index finger. 

    2) Hold the circle firm and say the word “Yes.” Notice the muscles strengthening. Use the index finger and thumb of your other hand and attempt to pull through the closed fingers. Your practitioner may also do this for you. Your fingers will stay strong and intact. 

    3) Now hold the thumb and index fingers firm once more and say the word “No.” Notice the muscles weakening. Use the index finger and thumb of your other hand to pull the closed fingers apart. Your fingers will become weak and open. 

    Body Sway

    1) Stand upright facing north with your legs shoulder-width apart. 

    2) Look directly ahead, close your eyes and state the word “Yes.” Notice your body sway forward.

    3) Now say the word “No.” Notice your body sway backward. 

    Your body is like the hands on a compass pointing north or south using electromagnetic forces. The body reacts like the compass pointer to the same electromagnetic force and will sway back or forth according to what you ask.

    ► How is Muscle Energy Testing Used?

    The use of energy testing allows yourself and others to test for the negative beliefs currently held within the subconscious. Once you change a negative belief into a positive one, you can muscle test straight away and see how your beliefs have been changed from negative to positive. 

    For example:

     "I believe I will always be rejected" into "I believe I am loved and accepted"

    Test your subconscious beliefs and feelings on the following: 

    I am worthy of being loved. 

    I am worthy of being in a relationship. 

    I am worthy of having money. 

    I am worthy of being in a job I love. 

    I am worthy of being healthy. 

    Did you test "no" for any of those? 

    Would you like to change that so that you can attract positive results in life in these areas? 

    If so,contact meto discuss further how ThetaHealing® can support you. 

    ► During your Healing Session

    Prior to your session, please ensure you have been keeping hydrated by drinking water. This is to ensure the muscle testing will work effectively and correctly during your session. If for some reason the muscle testing is not working (likely you are dehydrated) or you do not feel comfortable with the method, do not worry as intuitively I will know the answers at the deeper subconscious level. 

     All sessions will be operated through video call, zoom or another relevant video platform and you will be sent the joining link prior to the session(s). 

    At the start of the session, we will always begin with the intentions of the session and discuss what are your most important issues you would like to work through during the healing session. I will also be intuitively connecting to discover other areas that also need to be worked through during our time together.

    Once the intentions have been established, in a relaxed position I will talk you through a meditative and hypnosis process that will connect you to your deep subconscious level. I will begin by clearing out your aura field which includes spiritually cleansing and removing any impurities, negativities, other people’s perceptions, spiritual imprints and attachments that are detected in your aura field. This is so I can then work with your deep spiritual level without any artificial barriers or obstructions getting in the way. Also, I find it’s very common for passed loved ones to be detected in your aura field and any messages that come through will be passed directly to you.

     In a deep hypnotic state, we will access your subconscious level to uncover any preconditioned limiting beliefs, fears, doubts and limitations that may have resulted from your childhood, your DNA Ancestral Chain, any Past Lives as well as your Soul Path. 

    Through a range of hypnosis techniques, time line therapy, inner child work, intuitive healing, theta healing and NLP techniques, you will experience a deep positive transformational experience. 

    ► After your Healing Session

    How will I feel after my session?

    Everyone is different and will encounter different feelings, emotions and thoughts after a ThetaHealing® session. A lot of work will be done in one session and deep rooted limiting beliefs that are not currently helping or serving you in life will be removed and reprogrammed into positive empowering beliefs. You will start to experience a shift in your daily life from noticing your new thoughts, emotions, your behaviour will change and you will really notice how you start to react differently to particular people, situations, events and circumstances. 

    However, in noticing a shift in your energy levels, there may also be other somewhat negative issues coming to the surface. These feelings and emotions have always been there but have previously been deep rooted within your subconscious. You may start to become more aware of certain thoughts that are creating your feelings and emotions that aren’t really helping you get the desired results in life. Therefore, more than one Theta Healing session may be required to deal with these limiting beliefs. 

    It is best to arrange a FREE CALL with me to discuss how I can best support you further. 

    Stepping forward on your intuitive healing journey with me is a profound investment in your inner transformation and limitless potential.

    As you release emotional blockages, restore balance, and activate your inner healing power, you'll experience a huge shift in your confidence and self-worth.

    Gaining this new level of empowerment, you will become unstoppable and a magnetic force for attracting opportunities for financial abundance and success into your life.

    Imagine feeling deeply connected to your purpose, radiating with self-assurance, and effortlessly manifesting the wealth and prosperity you deserve.

    Your healing journey is the gateway to a life of abundance, where your dreams become reality.

    Let's embark on this transformative path together and unleash the power within you.

    Intuitive Energy Healing Package:

  • 4 one to one video call healing sessions of 75 mins each with me and a Personalised Birth Chart Sidereal Astrology Session to uncover your past life karma and further life lessons to be worked through and healed.

  • Between sessions, mindset tools and techniques are provided for you to complete as part of your healing and transformational journey.

  • Full accountability and support provided

  • PAY IN FULL £3,333

    PAYMENT PLAN £1,833 (2 Instalment Payments)

    Unsure if this is the right fit for you?


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