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I believe it's our birthright to live a life FULL OF ABUNDANCE

The reality is, too many people are consumed by their personal limitations and fear so they settle for a mediocre life.

Well I'm here to create a NEW STATUS QUO for YOU

Helping you to start building an abundant legacy and manifesting the time freedom to live your life by design

If I could give you one piece of advice to create ever-lasting happiness and fulfilment whilst manifesting your dream life by design, it would be...


I believe life is way too short to sit on the fence leading a mediocre life, watching your life pass by whilst knowing you have so much more potential to BE, DO AND HAVE so much more.

Stepping outside your comfort zone may fill you with so much dread...

But how would you feel looking back in time to come, faced with so much regret that you didn’t take action sooner? I know as I’ve been there.

I was in the Banking World for 20 years but started my personal development journey 18 years ago, training in various coaching and healing modalities. Doing the inner mindset and healing work over that time, I took a HUGE leap of faith to become an entrepreneur and start living my life by design.


Through my personal journey, my wealth of experience, training and knowledge I’m here to save you the TIME to MANIFEST A LIFE ON YOUR TERMS FROM NOW.

My Lifetime of Manifesting Abundance

At 6 I won my first painting competition and this formed by neuropathways into not only thinking but totally believing

Anything is possible

I went on to win so many competitions, including money, holidays, concert tickets, even a brand new car!

After University, I started my successful career in Banking. Having three Graduate Job offers, total out of the box thinking, I reinterviewed the three managers and asked “Why should I work for you?”

A Bold move you may think … And this got me a 10.1% pay rise before I’d even step foot into the office!

Very soon I wanted to advance my career but faced so many inner fears of unworthiness, not good enough and the Imposter Syndrome was huge...“Who am I to be able to progress?”

Mixed with the cultural clashes and lack of role models being a young, Indian ambitious female in the banking world.

It was so tough and my Corporate environment started to grind me down, shaping how I felt... But I knew I had to do something!

Feel the fear & do it anyway attitude, taking action I secured a role in Financial Markets which was totally outside my level of expertise but something inside me turned that desire and passion into overdrive!

But in life, as you may have experienced too, I hit my sweet spot called the comfort zone. “Doing what you have always done and expecting different results!” As Einstein stated, that's insanity and it sure felt like that for me! I knew I had so much more potential to do so much more and I needed to step up…

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears!"

I was so ready and that’s when my personal development journey began in the early 2000’s….I made a clear conscious decision to get support to work through my FEARS….and trust me I had so many …hundreds of beliefs in fact that were holding me back and even limiting pre-conditioned beliefs I was unaware of because they were deep in my subconscious mind and had kept me stuck from progressing for so long.

Committing to the inner mindset work was completely life changing for me and this just automatically turned into my daily practice - It’s just a way of life for me now!

I decided to pursue my childhood dream so I resigned from banking (a tough decision!) and after 52 rejections I got signed up by a TV acting agent then landed a permanent role on a Top UK TV Soap without any acting experience ...Oh and also been told it was impossible numerous times too! (Be so careful who you are listening to!)

Later upon returning back into Financial Markets, I landed a 110% pay increase (again I was told it was impossible by the headhunter!...Be careful who you are listening too!) Over that 14 year period, I started feeling so secure in my sweet spot

YES my comfort zone.

Throughout this time, I continued to work on my inner limiting beliefs to do with relationships too, especially a major belief I had that

“men are not attracted to successful women!"

Sounds silly right?! At this time I did a lot of inner mindset and healing work,to then MANIFEST MY MOST COMPATIBLE SOUL MATE...

He proposed to me on 11.11.11 at 11.11am how cool right?! We have two beautiful earthangels together.

After my two maternity leave periods, I went back to my Banking career but my Soul started to feel empty.

I didn’t feel appreciated at work and my work life balance was affecting me on all levels emotionally and mentally. I felt disconnected and so misaligned to my life values and I just knew deep down I wasn’t reaching my full potential. I was playing small in life, so much in my comfort zone and too afraid to step out, knowing I could be so much more and do so much more - but I was just settling for my MEDIOCRE LIFESTYLE in fear of the unknown and lacking the confidence to really follow my dreams!

Ever felt like this ?

I became an Events Director for an internal networking group within the Bank. As well as doing my demanding Financial markets role, I started writing training programmes and running workshops. The feedback was amazing and I started to feel alive again and this super-charged me.  

Making a bold move, I expressed to the Universe in December 2019 …."I’m now ready to start my own business!" (Woo woo I know and I’m here to teach you all there is to know about MANIFESTING!)

At the turn of the decade, I left my Banking Career behind and excitedly started my own Training, Coaching and Healing Business. I also became an International Best Selling Author of two books I co-wrote called

Wild Wise Women and Strong and Free.

Into my new journey, I had an unsettling time when my dear Dadji passed away. I allowed myself the time needed to process the grief I was facing. For me, this just puts everything into perspective…

Life is just way too short to settle for anything less than living your most

Abundant  life today!

Tomorrow is not promised to any one of us so it's all about living your best life today and I'm here to help you reach your...


My vision is to see an

 Abundant world..

Where women take ownership of their freedom and embody a life by design, really living life on their own terms... And they go out into the World and set a beautiful example for what's truly possible for themselves, other women, their children and generations to come.

That's why it is my MISSION to Empower Ambitious Corporate Women, Coaches and Entrepreneurs who are looking for more purpose and meaning, to unlock their full financial potential by energetically activating their true self worth and inner confidence so they can start building an abundant legacy and the time freedom to manifest a successful and fulfilling life by design.

I'm the creator of the Manifesting Abundance Blueprint which is designed to activate the 9 essential keys to unlocking and attracting prosperity and wealth from within, in all areas of your life.

The values I live (and work) by:


I believe Anything is Possible and if you don’t ask you don’t get (The Universe is always on your side!) Loving my lifestyle? Go after what you desire!


Know what you want and go after it! YES, it does take dedication, determination, motivation and action to move ahead.


I genuinely teach exactly what I’ve experienced first hand. I didn’t always get it right and I

learnt to “fail forward and continue.


As a mentor, healer and trainer, you’ll have my full support and guidance. I’ll bring out the best in you to help you to develop and grow


I hold strong personal and professional ethics, living in accordance with my deepest values in life which are non-negotiables


I’ve had the strength to face my deeper fears and insecurities in life and I will challenge you to do the same and cultivate your inner strength

Fun Facts!

I'm a Natural Psychic Medium and I'm known as a Serial Manifestor. From the age of 6 years old winning 4 tickets to a theme park, to winning money, mobile phones, concert tickets and even a brand new car... To marrying my soulmate and living in our dream brand new showroom home, I really am the

Queen of Manifesting!

I'm a go-getter, love doing fire walks, glass walks and even a 15,000 feet skydive in Australia! Yes, well I'm a Maverick, somewhat a rule breaker or NEW RULE MAKER!

I enjoy diving into a personal development book or two or reading Sidereal Astrology Birth Charts. I love relaxing in the jacuzzi, meditating in the steam room and then letting loose dancing to bhangra music with a pina colada…To unwind, I love putting my feet up around my family, playing with my earth angels and enjoying a nice cup of homemade Indian Chai!

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