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Soulful Wisdom supporting you to Inspire, Transform & Evolve

Soul Alignment is doing what’s right for you!

When you truly live a SOUL ALIGNED life, you are honouring and cherishing yourself, doing what’s important and matters to you, without the noise of life, people, society, culture or anything else.

Channelled with divine intention, these cards serve as a gateway to the depths of your soul, providing guidance and revelations in your daily life.

This powerful Soul Alignment Oracle 45-Card Deck is a sacred tool designed for all Heart Centred, Spiritual Seekers who want to gain spiritual insights, empowerment and personal transformation.

The cards provide a unique blend of wisdom, inspiration and intuitive messages, encouraging the soul alignment of your true essence, the universal energies and supporting you to make valuable contributions to the lives of others.

So whether you are navigating life's transitions, seeking clarity or deepening your spiritual connection, these cards will continue to support and guide you, offering soulful wisdom to illuminate your pathway ahead.

The Soul Alignment Card Deck integrates 9 Chakra Energy Centres that I personally use and have used with thousands of clients for over 20 years, assisting with chakra rebalancing, deep healing, past life issues, regulation of the nervous system and enhancing emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

When you use these cards, you will be connecting to the universal energies through individual Chakra Centres, opening you up to love, light, compassion, wisdom and the divine guidance within each card. These will influence your individual experiences, emotions and consciousness, aligning your soul for personal growth, healing and enlightenment.

The enclosed guidebook explains the spiritual meanings for each card, providing further guidance, support and Soul Aligned Wisdom.

You are also given a Soul Confirmation for each card which can be used as a daily positive affirmation

The Soul Aligned Oracle Cards are designed for all levels of reader. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced card reader, you will find these cards will provide the Soul Alignment Guidance that is needed at just the right time!

All that is required is curiosity, openness to receive and practice.

The 45-Soul Alignment Oracle Cards which I channelled from my Spiritual Team consisting of my Spiritual Guides, Ancestors, Past Loved Ones (in particular my Dadji) and the Angelic Realm, are to support you in all areas of your life, using the 9 main Chakra Centres.

The Chakra System consists of energy centres, mainly along the spine area, impacting mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Bringing these chakras into balance will assist in your Soul Alignment, influencing your overall holistic wellbeing, personal growth, harmony and spiritual enlightenment.

You can use the Soul Alignment Oracle Cards for specific or general use on a daily basis, weekly, or even monthly, it really is up to you. Using them to answer your questions (or of another), when you require some guidance or direction in a particular area of your life or just life in general, or even to activate healing.

There are many ways and it’s best to just go with your intuition when using these cards to reactivate and retune into your Soul Alignment. Within the guidebook, you will be given examples of card layout spreads you can use to receive the spiritual wisdom for the areas you are seeking guidance.

As an owner of the Oracle Cards, to support you further, you can also gain INSTANT ACCESS to

The Ultimate Guide to Getting into Alignment, Feeling Empowered & Manifesting Abundance.

This Guide is designed to be your compass, leading you towards a life where you feel fully in ALIGNMENT, completely EMPOWERED and MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life. Upon downloading the Guide, you also get access to an Alignment Meditation and Self Love Audio which aim to compliment your Soul Alignment Oracle Card experience.

By using the wisdom of the Soul Aligned Oracle Cards, you will receive guidance that aims to support, heal, develop and strengthen your mindset in all that you do in life.

Imagine the positive impact we can create when we collectively share the inspiration of The Soul Aligned Oracle Cards with the world!

I would love for you to share with me your daily or weekly card, along with the guidance it supported you with and even how you feel using the cards.

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Sending you Divine Soul Alignment Blessings Always

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