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I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience in our physical body. We are bound by our emotional thoughts and feelings, vibrating energy at such a rapid pace where our soul

lives for an eternity.

Everything in our existence happens for a reason and has its own timing and purpose, good or bad. At the time we may not know the reasons why a particular situation, experience or an event took place, but later on when the timing is right we are provided with the insights and the answers we

were searching for.

We are ultimately in control of our own blueprint in life. Through the trials and tribulations of life, the good times and the bad times, we will indeed get to our ultimate destination and be grateful for the experiences along the way. Thus, it was in our destiny!

“It is in the moments of our decisions that our destiny is shaped” A quote by Anthony Robbins that has been life changing for me. Feel free to use this quote in your daily life too, it really does open you up to the Infinite Possibilities in this World!

“Beauty is within all of us and is a reflection of our own perfection. Radiance is deep within our souls where the lightness never fades.

Love has its own enchantment for we are all blessed."

Channelled from Sharan's Spiritual Guide.

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