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Sidereal Astrology

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, Billionaires do” JP Morgan

Sidereal astrology dates back at least ten thousand years in Pre-Babylonian societies and India. The Sidereal ('of the stars') system has 13 Zodiac Signs and is based on the TRUE LIVE and accurate current position of the constellations, compared to the Western Tropical Astrology which is based on a fixed Astrological Map of the Stars as they were a little over 2,000 (0 AD) years ago.

How can a Sidereal Astrology Session Help You?  

Imagine waking up tomorrow with so much more clarity and meaning about who you are, what you stand for, your values and purpose in this lifetime and having the certainty of the direction you want to take in life.

During your Astrology Session, you will be:

Delving into the unknown

Discovering your Unique Celestial Blueprint

Obtaining Cosmic Guidance truly aligned to where the constellations were at the EXACT MOMENT OF YOUR BIRTH!

Understanding how impactful Astrological Timings are for major events in your life

Answering key questions relating to your…

Personal Ambitions & Goals

Life Purpose & Soul Destiny

Career / Business

Money, Wealth & Abundance

Relationships, Romance & Marriage

Family, Parents, Children, Friends

Health & Wellness

New Ideas, Innovation & Technology

By uncovering the deeper meanings in your personal chart, you will also discover PAST LIFE KARMA that could be IMPACTING YOUR WHOLE LIFE. 

Highlighting these areas, will provide you with your LESSONS to learn in this lifetime.Also, understanding what may have been stopping you from progressing forward in life and the KEY AREAS FOR HEALING.

To go a step further, why not book the Sidereal Astrology Package which includes

2 additional Future Insight Sessions that will help you gain:

  • Clarity on whether to go ahead with key decisions in your life

  • Confidence to know the divine timings in alignment to your cosmic blueprint

  • Certainty of your future direction in all areas of your life

  • Your Key Questions will be Answered for your Destiny in Alignment to your Unique

    Astrological Chart.  

    Are you ready to unlock the Universe’s Wisdom that’s meant JUST FOR YOU? 

    Book your Personalised Birth Chart

    Sidereal Astrology

    75 Min Session for £500

    Book Single Session

    Book your Sidereal Astrology Package of

    3 Sessions 

    Including 75 Min Birth Chart Session

    And Two 75 Min Future Insight Sessions For £1,333

    Book 3 Sessions Package

    If you’re still unsure which to book?


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