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Empowering You to Manifest Abundance & Transform Your Financial Destiny to Achieve Prosperity!

Hi, I'm Sharan!



I'm on a mission to empower YOU to stop playing small in life by unlocking your true self worth and activating your unstoppable confidence so that you can start building an abundant legacy and create the time freedom to manifest a successful and fulfilling life by design.

Are you an ambitious corporate woman, coach or entrepreneur that's looking for more purpose and meaning in your life?

I can intuitively help you to unlock your full financial potential & activate abundance in all areas of your life so you NOT ONLY feel fulfilled, successful & happy in life but also leave an abundant legacy.

Your future generations will be proud of!

So are you


It's time to take back control and live your life by design!

I totally understand you've reached a point in your life where...

✓ You've worked so hard & feel you should be further ahead in your life

✓ You put so much effort into what you do but feel totally unappreciate

✓ You are at a crossroads, feeling stuck settling for a mediocre lifestyle

✓ You feel low confidence and imposter syndrome stops you moving forward

✓ Your work life balance is suffering and this is causing an emotional, mental and even physical strain in your life

✓ You know you have so much more potential but just lost your way

I've been there!

I'm here to show you there's a

Way Forward!

Just Imagine

✓ Feeling lit up, truly happy and totally fulfilled as you're now living life on your terms, doing what really fires you up inside out!

✓ Prioritising your health and wellbeing which now gives you more energy and increased vitality so you feel so much satisfaction and enjoyment in life!

 Getting paid your worth, increasing your financial abundance (having cleared your money blocks) opening you up to a better lifestyle and standard of living!

✓ Creating a healthy work life balance and having the time freedom to spend with those that matter and even to go travelling, visiting the places you've always dreamt of seeing!

✓ Being more motivated and confident in life, doing the things that you're really passionate about and increasing the quality and standard of your life, benefiting all those around you too!

This is EXACTLY what we work through in the Manifesting Abundance Blueprint which is designed to ACTIVATE the 9 essential keys to unlocking and attracting prosperity and wealth from within, in all areas of your life!

What My Clients Say!

Victoria Knowles-Lacks

Gained deeper knowledge, insights and more clarity which has changed the whole direction of her life, including her coaching and development client offerings

Manie Obbi-Nega, UK

Gained extreme CONFIDENCE & SELF WORTH, HEALED AT A DEEP LEVEL to go on to opening Holistic Centres in the UK during the pandemic & is now a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR

Gemma Sizer, UK

Gained her FREEDOM from being a single mother, unemployed on benefits to MANIFESTING her DREAM LIFE & gaining FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE. Gemma also trained in Angelic Reiki with Sharan

I was in the UK Banking Industry for 20 years and started my own personal development journey over 18 years ago, training in various healing and coaching modalities.

At the time, personal development was just a hobby for me…Deep down I knew my PURPOSE WAS MUCH GREATER!

It was like I was living in two worlds, living in my corporate shadow but trying to be the AUTHENTIC ME who shines and inspires!

YES…I experienced the Imposter Syndrome and KNEW THE DIRECTION OF MY LIFE NEEDED TO CHANGE!

I did the inner mindset and healing work, regaining my PERSONAL POWER!

It took me 20 years to create MASSIVE change in my life:

I’m here to tell you it won’t take you this long as I’ll save you your TIME!

I’ll empower YOU to change the trajectory of YOUR life in laser focused time and to MANIFEST your most ABUNDANT LIFE ever where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

I Believe That

Life is way too short to sit on the fence and lead a mediocre life when

tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

It’s about honouring yourself and those around you to be the

GREATEST version of YOU….

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