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How to rapidly transform your financial reality, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced at manifesting, these powerful techniques will elevate your financial game!

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Daily Wealth Manifestation Techniques Training

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You said YES to learning the Secrets to Manifesting MORE Money and Abundance that is specially designed to transform your mindset, manifest your wealth and ignite a life of abundance

You've made a very smart decision…

I applaud you on that. I know where you are at right now, and I also know where participants get to, after taking part in my 5-day challenge.

I fully respect the chance you are taking on me to deliver on my promise of proving to you why my free manifesting and abundance framework really is a life changing model, no matter if you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced at manifesting.

I have your back, and I promise the techniques I share with you during the 5 days will inspire you to move ahead, opening you up to manifesting more money and abundance.

You took definitive action toward your goals and dreams by registering for my free 5-day event...

...and that's why I created this video for you today.

Here's the deal:

I know you're eager to learn all the secrets of my free manifesting money and abundance challenge, and I promise you we’re going to dive into them soon enough.

But before we do, I have to let you in on something: I have a special one time invitation that I'd be crazy not to share with you.

Something my most successful students apply consistently to see greater results in their daily manifestations.

I think you and I can agree on this one:

When it comes to success, you have to do something that other successful people have done…

...and when it comes to my students and private mentoring clients…

...the ones that opt for the “expert level” option…

...are the ones who experience faster success by leaps and bounds! No brainer, right?

Think about it: Expert level knowledge is simply SMARTER.

So listen…

I know from experience (like working with over 0’000+ clients online type of experience!)

One of the top 3 (if not #1) concerns most of my clients have about manifesting is “what are the daily practices they need to be adopting to manifest financial abundance.”

And more specifically without having to increase their financial debt position to live an abundant life they truly desire.

To pay their bills, outgoing, household expenditures and on their children, holidays, their lifestyle …It really does all add up!

And, let's be frank, all of us, at beginner, intermediate, or advanced at manifesting level, would prefer to know how to manifest more money and abundance, time and time again without needing to feel the financial pressure, strains and stress of having to increase financial debt in order to simply survive?

Of course you do.

So today, I am giving you that very option.

A one time chance to experience GREATER results from the fundamentals we teach in my 5-day challenge...

...to discover how you can apply the daily success practices to manifest financial abundance and also keep the money constantly flowing in...

...so you can increase your wealth position - not only for today but to start building an abundant legacy and the time freedom to manifest a successful and fulfilling life by design.

So I invite you to join me Backstage



  • 1x Backstage Admission Ticket to Two Private Training Sessions

  • Lifetime Access to the Backstage Pass Trainings

  • Extended Access to the 5 Day Challenge Replays

  • BONUS #1 - Manifesting Meditation with Shamanic Drumming

  • BONUS #2 - Powerful 111 Affirmations Audio

  • Normally: £497

    TODAY: ONLY £97!

    …And instantly unlock all the crazy BONUSES

    Here’s What the Backstage Pass Can Do For You

    We all know how exciting a challenge can be, especially when there is so much value packed into 5 days... It can literally change your life in just 1 week. But there's some of you that want to be able to take it one step further and dive into this manifestation experience even deeper!

    So, we are offering you the chance to get up close and personal with Sharan himself, with your LIVE BACKSTAGE PASS ACCESS. This will include two LIVE exclusive Backstage Pass Training Sessions throughout the week of the 5-Day Challenge. PLUS, if you can’t attend LIVE or want to relisten, you'll get lifetime access to the Backstage Pass Training Sessions, along with extended access to the 5-Day Challenge Replays.

    Grab Your Backstage Pass To The

    5 Day Manifesting Money & Abundance Challenge Now!

    When You Upgrade To Backstage

    Here's What You Get Access To

    #01 Private Backstage Zoom Access during the 5 Day Challenge Week

    Backstage Access to Two Private Zoom Abundance Accelerator Daily Wealth Manifestation Techniques Training throughout the 5-day challenge week. Attend LIVE with Sharan Sammi directly and get exclusive access to her powerful techniques. This will help to elevate your manifesting journey with personalised guidance and exclusive insights, ensuring a transformative experience tailored just for you!

    #02 Extended Access to the Challenge Replays

    This means you can revisit any day’s session or specific segments in the daily recording replays, providing you with ongoing clarity and guidance as you continue to enhance your manifestation journey after the challenge week concludes.

    BONUS #1 - Manifesting Meditation with Shamanic Drumming

    Activate your MANIFESTING POWERS by creating a Sacred Bridge connecting your Divine Thoughts to the Universe in this beautiful Manifesting Meditation mixed with the ancient beats of Shamanic Drumming. Manifesting isn't just wishing ~ It's like having a magical brush to paint the life you want! During this Meditation, you'll be guided to unlock the secret doors of your mind to bring your desires to life!

    BONUS #2 - Powerful 111 Affirmations Audio

    This audio of 111 Powerful Affirmations provides you with the foundations for success in all areas of your life. Repeated over time will rewire your subconscious mind, helping you to open up to the world of MANIFESTATION with more ease, so it feels effortless and equally as exciting as you are in synchronicity with the infinite possibilities and opportunities around you..calling in more love, joy, happiness, abundance, wealth and prosperity on all levels in your life.

    ATTENTION: Space is VERY limited, so act now and

    Get your Backstage Pass before we fill up!

    Spots For Backstage Access Are Limited! (Seats are filling fast)

    In our efforts to make this as personalised as possible, we are limiting the number of Backstage Access Passes available. The more people we have, the less time you will individually get to have your questions answered. So, it's only fair we limit the space to maximise our coaching capacity! So act now, and secure your spot!

    General Experience VS VIP Experience

      General 5-Day Experience

      Here's What You Get!

    • Daily mini trainings and task

    • Daily Q&A post to ask any questions

    • Daily LIVE streamed into the Private Facebook Group, sharing insights on daily tasks and answering questions

    • Limited access to all replays

      Backstage Pass Experience

      Here's What You Get!

    • All in General 5-Day Experience

    • 1x Backstage Admission Ticket to Two Private Training Sessions

    • Lifetime Access to the Backstage Pass Trainings

    • Extended Access to the 5 Day Challenge Replays

    • BONUS #1 - Manifesting Meditation with Shamanic Drumming

    • BONUS #2 - Powerful 111 Affirmations Audio

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